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Creative Compound Officially Opens It’s Doors


Inspired by the 2006 comedy, Accepted, The Creative Compound brings a community curriculum board to downtown Honesdale.

In an effort to bring creativity back into everyday life, the Creative Compound has implemented what may have seemed like just a movie reference, but ended up coming to life as Honesdale locals take to the “Think Board” to express a bit of unbiased creativity for the public to see.

The “Think Board” was brought to life by owner Mike Foschino after extracting a subliminal message hidden inside the comedy starring James Young and Jonah Hill.

A storyline putting a high school slacker in a position to create his own place of higher education to trick his family into thinking that he finally got accepted into a college. Character Bartelby ends up taking it one step too far, and because of a “very believable” fake college website, hundreds of students end up getting acceptance letters to this fictional school and show up with 1st semester checks. The crew of college rejects take possession of an abandoned psychiatric hospital near the property of an ivy league school, Harmon Institute of technology, and built their institution to be named South Harmon Institute of Technology. And yes, those four first letters do spell the word you’re thinking.

The new students of South Harmon Institute of Technology are the educators, the founders, the students, and the faculty. A school where you decide what you want to learn, where you are your teacher, where you learn about life experiences from doing, as opposed to traditional education.

Bringing this Think Board to life in the Creative Compound has a goal of putting power back in the minds of individuals, to go against the grain, to have a place to write a creative thought and maybe revisit it at a later date. Accountability is the biggest obstacle in any entrepreneurs life and sometimes just having a place to publicly write a goal, or a dream, or something that YOU want to learn, has a huge impact on the self moral and motivation to keep pushing on.

We encourage any and all of our customers to walk up to our board, pick up a marker and leave your mark. We plan to use our Think Board for a few different objectives:
-Get opinions on future happenings
-A place to write and date a personal goal of yours
-Simple motivational messages
-A place to write your dream career
-A place to write what’s stopping you.

We have already seen a lot of participation in our Think Board and we love to see it and we hope that as we progress in our mission, more people will be inclined to take advantage of our unique concept. We’re here to Empower Entrepreneurs, powered by passion, driven by dreams.

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