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Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar officially opens it’s doors alongside the Creative Compound


Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar officially opens its doors alongside Honesdale’s very own Creative Compound

A fresh breath of entrepreneurship rolls into Honesdale this fall with the grand opening of the Creative Compound – a dynamic co-work community in downtown Honesdale bringing along a unique craft coffee bar as well as a “build your own” slider shop to open soon.

Anatomy Craft Coffee Cafe is one of the unique concepts being executed within The Creative Compound. Owner Mike Foschino brings a true taste of Italy in this well-equipped cafe featuring two of the most exclusive machines in the coffee industry. After spending time abroad in Italy, Mike set out to replicate the taste of true Italian espresso in a setting that was more relaxed than a traditional, fast-paced coffee environment that has become the normal for coffee drinkers.

Anatomy’s menu is carefully crafted to utilize their unique machinery to the best of their ability, and provide coffee like no other.

A La Marzocco Leva X, just one of six in the United States, is the focal point of the cafe with a streetside and inside view of the inner mechanics that make the Leva what it is, a true piece of Italian art, handcrafted in Florence. The Leva X is a unique machine with little automation, requiring the barista to manually apply pressure using a lever with a clutch to engage a piston in which pressure is applied from. The result is a purely skilled pull giving you a smooth, creamy espresso that no drive through will ever be able to provide.

Their bean selection, Miscela D’oro, is an artisanal, Sicilian roasted bean that owner Mike says to be “The closest tasting espresso to a traditional cafe on the streets of Florence. We have true Italian espresso brewed on a true Italian machine”

A traditional American coffee brewer wasn’t enough for this unique cafe and after some research and asking around for a “cooler looking machine” than a traditional brewer you would find in most cafes, Anatomy has selected a Ground Control Cyclops, a first for the state of Pennsylvania.

The Cyclops is unique in ways more than just it’s robot-like appearance. It holds patented technology in which it performs a tunable multi step brew process, each of which extracts a different flavor profile. The precise brew processes are adjustable in ways that adding just one second to one step will dramatically change the way your coffee tastes. The result is a perfectly smooth, non-acidic cup of black coffee requiring little to no additives.

Anatomy Cafe features different menu options to include hot espresso, traditional Italian drinks, a unique latte menu executed hot or hold with coffee brewed on the cyclops and specialty drinks. With the ability to brew batch espresso, you’ll never have a multi temperature iced latte again, their iced drinks are executed with only cold liquids and chilled in a cocktail shaker with coffee ice spheres, you’ll be sure to have a full tasting cold drink from start to finish.

Alongside their delicious coffee menu sits a selection of fresh baked goods from Wildflour bakery delivered fresh from just across the street. Their sweets menu usually includes a selection of cookies, scones, biscotti, gluten free / vegan options and being the only home to a variety of homemade Poptart’s bringing a touch of nostalgia to your morning pick me up.

On top of their selection of coffee and pastries, Anatomy will have a rotating selection of homemade Gelato featuring locally made Moka Chocolate for their staple chocolate flavor! The flavor and creaminess will have you coming back heat or snow. Throw it in a fresh brioche sandwich or pour a hot shot of espresso over it and call it a day!

Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar officially opened its doors on November 27th going right into Small Business Saturday. They came in strong with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Borough of Honesdale and had some Long Island bands, Mikes hometown, rock the Main Street pavilion! Nonstop To Cairo and Kenny Truhn, brought into town by Live Mic Music gave shoppers a good reason to grab a Hot Choco Latte and catch a little bit of energy filling main street.

Anatomy will operate 7 days a week with weekend late nights offering a lounge to Main Street patrons. Other services Anatomy will provide:

  • Catering
  • Special Events
  • Roast house tastings

If you’d like to host a special event using our cafe and open seating area, or if you are a roast house owner and would like to schedule a night to use our machinery, we would love to have you, click on the button below to reach out!

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